Returns or Replacements

My box or one of my items was damaged, what can be done?

We're so sorry to hear that! Glow Addict is not responsible for damaged caused during transit but we will always do our best to replace any damaged products. Please email within 14 days of receiving your box with a photo of your damaged product alongside the shipping label of your box. They must all be in the same photo together. 

Replacements can take up to 3 weeks to arrive depending on if we have it in stock or not. If we absolutely can not replace your item for some reason we will offer a discount code for your following month.

My box was marked delivered but I didn't receive it, can I get a new one?

We’re sorry to hear your box is missing! Glow Addict is not responsible for lost or missing packages once they have been scanned by the USPS. That said - we do offer one replacement box per calendar year per subscription. Please file a missing package claim with the USPS and provide us with the confirmation after you have done so and we can send a replacement.

If your box is marked as delivered but not received more than 2 months we will have to pause or cancel your account until you can provide us with a different address to ship to. 

I am missing an item, how can I get it?

Please double check your subscription to make sure you didn't subscribe to a different box than you thought. If you are in fact missing an item we will always replace it with the same item or one of comparable value if we no longer have that item in stock. Please email us at within 7 days of receiving your box to ensure we still have that item in stock to replace it. 

Why is my box is different from the one pictured on social media?

All of our boxes are subject to variation or substitution. Please read our descriptions and captions carefully as we often mention that a product has multiple shades or variations. We do not currently offer custom boxes. 

I cancelled my box right after I ordered, will I get a refund?

Cancellations never result in an immediate refund. Always email us as soon as possible if this is the case as we do try to ship our boxes as quickly as possible after receiving the order. If we do not hear from you via email you order will be shipped as scheduled. 

I did not want my subscription to renew, can I be refunded?

Please make sure to log in and cancel before your renewal date to ensure that you are not charged again. Once you have been charged we can not guarantee that we are able to cancel before your box is shipped. Once an order has been shipped we are not able to issue a refund.

I did not like my box can I return it for a refund?

We do not accept exchanges or offer refunds. We do post spoilers and photos of our box in advance to give customers plenty of time to skip a month if they are not excited about the next box!

Why did I get the same product twice?

If you have multiple subscriptions you can not guarantee that you will not receive duplicate products. If you believe you received a product by mistake please contact us and we will do our best to remedy the issue.